The Beginning of the ONS

The Beginning of the ONS

In 2015 I had a discussion with a few others that are also interested in researching the O’Connell name. Our biggest question was, “why is there no in-depth research on the O’Connells?” With no real answer to our question, it was decided that we should embark on an O’Connell One-Name Study (ONS).

An ONS is a global study of a name. There are no limits to where the study can take you.

Once that decision was made, I handled the obligatory setting up with the Guild of One-Name Studies. For a few months, that is where everything was left. I truly had no clue what I needed to do to start this. All I knew was that the outcome should be grand and hopefully connect the O’Connell families as much as possible.

In February 2016, I started watching some of the ONS videos on YouTube (thanks Tessa for all the help in getting started).  From there it was pretty simple to get started collecting the data. As for analyzing the data and putting together full family trees, that is for another day.

If you descend from an O’Connell or are married to one, I hope you will join us on this journey. It will be great to get to know each of you.

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  • I totally missed this shout out – thanks so much Terri. The 7 Pillars book published by the Guild is very helpful (whether you are getting started or getting back to your one-name study) and I especially like the checklists. The Guild Wiki is being updated and will be moved to the new website – it also has great information. And it is time to get back to my ONS videos on YouTube.

    I am following your website – great to get the word out about your ONS – and thanks for sharing how you are approaching your study. As we share a regional interest (both of us studying an Irish surname) and know that we will be following its migration – this should be fun!


    • You are so welcome, Tessa. I really had no clue how I was going to start this. After watching your videos it was a no brainer. I appreciate the assistance and look forward to new videos from you!

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