Titanic Victim: Patrick D. O’Connell

Titanic Victim: Patrick D. O’Connell

With the 105th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, I though we should take a look at the records on Ancestry to see how many O’Connell’s were on board the ship, that fateful night.

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  1.  #636 (hand written on the left side of the paper) Mr. Patrick O’Connell, labourer, drowned. Though this states it was ‘crew’ records, it is actually a list of people who drowned. He boarded at Southampton.
  2. Pat D. O’Connell, with a check mark next to his name. This is a list of third class passengers that are listed as surviving or missing.

UK, RMS Titanic, Deaths at Sea

  1. Patrick D. O ‘Connell in Register of Deceased Passengers. Port of Registry, Liverpool. Place of death, about 41.16 N latitude and 50.14 W longitude.

UK, RMS Titanic, Outward Passenger List

  1. Pat D O’Connell, port of departure Queenstown (now Cobh). Ticket # 334912, he was a general labourer who is traveling third class, and is 17 years old. He was an Irish citizen who hoped to make America his permanent residence.

Each of these records pertain to just one man, Patrick D. O’Connell of County Cork, Ireland. There is no marked grave for Patrick, maybe one of the many in Nova Scotia that are unnamed belongs to him or maybe he is one of the many that were left in the ocean. We will never know.

From the Titanic website we learn that his full name is Patrick Denis O’Connell and was the son of Denis and Hannah O’Connell.1 He was born around 1894 in Kingwilliamstown (modern-day Ballydesmond), Co Cork, Ireland.2

I decided to do a bit of research on Patrick to see what else we could learn. According to church records, Patrick was born 11 June 1893 to Denis O’Connell and Johanna O’Connor. His baptismal sponsors were Patrick and Mary O’Connor (most likely relatives through his mother’s family).3 Since the Civil Registration records have been released we find that Patrick was actually born on 24 May 1893.4

According to the marriage index for Denis and Johanna, Denis is the son on Timothy O’Connell of Knockavillan and Johanna is the daughter of Patrick O’Connor of Kingwilliamstown. They were married on 22 Feb 1886 by Father M. McMahon.5 Without any further information, such as name of their mother’s it will be hard to find their families. Neither of these families have been found on Griffith’s Valuation.

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