Are you are interested in seeing this project be successful? We are looking for volunteers to assist us in this project. Volunteer options currently available:


We are seeking those with genealogy research experience to assist with data collection.

Family Member:

If you are an O’Connell, either by descent or by marriage, and already have researched your family tree we hope that you will be willing to submit your tree to our project, via a gedcom file. No information on living people will be shared outside of our study or online.

Y-DNA Participant:

If you are a male O’CONNELL descendant, participate in the yDNA Project through FtDNA.

Monetary DNA Participant:

If you are not a direct male descendant, you can donate to the yDNA project to assist with the testing others that are direct descendants.

Monetary Research Participant:

Access to all the records will cost money. If you are not a person who enjoys research, but you want to assist in the project a donation is always appreciated. You can donate to this project via PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account to donate to the project).